Join us for personalized stretching and mobility sessions to improve relaxation, recover from daily workouts, and enhance athletic performance.
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What is STRETCH?

As we spend time in the gym, gaining strength and endurance through our daily WODs, it’s important to match this increased attention to becoming more muscularly fit with ample recovery time.  This includes focusing on your mobility and flexibility.

As a Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer, Annie Dino can help.  STRETCH is a personal stretching and mobility program aimed at helping you move with greater ease.

Annie will assess your posture and mobility in order to create a program specifically fit to your personal goals and your body’s needs.

Your first session is 50 minutes and includes an assessment followed by a custom stretching routine. Subsequent sessions can be booked in either 25 or 50 minute blocks.


50-minute STRETCH Assessment for $50

25-minute STRETCH 5-Pack ($215, good for 10 weeks)

25-minute STRETCH 10-Pack ($400, good for 20 weeks)

25-minute STRETCH Drop-In for $45

Great, how do I get started?

Click on the Get Started button > Class Sessions> STRETCH 1 Assessment

Once you purchase the Assessment, contact Annie directly to reserve your 50-mintute Assessment. Annie can be reached at 203-767-6806 (c) or her email,